Oral Hygiene


Oral Hygiene

The importance of a well established oral hygiene routine cannot be overemphasized. Maintaining a healthy mouth is about more than just having white teeth and a pretty smile.

Dental visits for the whole family are an essential part of taking care of your general health. Baby teeth are in place between 2-3 years and flossing needs to be introduced to prevent cavities between the tightly placed baby molars.

During orthodontics oral hygiene practices become more difficult. Teenagers need to be guided to keep both braces and teeth clean and plaque free. Given that each set of teeth differs our dentists may recommend adjunctive treatments such as fluoridated mouth rinses, amongst others.

Lastly, there are many contributing factors to dental disease but our hygienist and dental assistants will provide you with successful hygiene regime and education you need to have a happy, healthy mouth.

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